Esta canción se ha instalado en los últimos días en mi cabeza, hasta el punto de querer cantar letra. Mi amiga Kayleigh me ha echado una mano y ha transcrito la letra, lo que no ha sido fácil y, en algunas palabras, hasta imposible (marcadas con ?? o / si podéis hacer correcciones o añadir algo, no dudéis en contactar).

«My boyfriend is an outlaw»

The interstellar villains con Alison Handley

(Vinilo 7″, 1991, Munster Records, España)


My boyfriend was born with no difference in his heart a
nd those pressured hard to join in. He thinks and sits apart,

denying he’s similar to the leader of the pack
cause he belongs but sees the wrongs on the right side of the track.

My boyfriend is an outlaw of the other dodgy/dying dream
and he ignores the rules or efforts set out on TV.

My boyfriend takes the loop out of the clothes he wears
but they’re not non-de script so he gets bashed for being a queer
by uniform boys who hang around in mobs of boys and ??? girls
that they wouldn’t let near their mother but their mates are told.

Well my boyfriend is an outlaw and he hasn’t any friends
or family to impress with a girl he’s ?? so love is his cue/key reason.

We’re not ??? but we’re treated like we are by
those who feel a threat to the blind excevance (??) of the things we disregard.

Cause we don’t carry photos of each other in our wallets
and if we dumped each other we wouldn’t become alcoholics

cause me and my boy are outlaws of god’s other dying (??) dream
cause we ignore all the rules or efforts in the teachery.
designed to suck you in/slut you with (?!?!)
til you come to their way of thinking

My boyfriend is an outlaw (x6)

Si te gusta la canción puedes comprar el vinilo o descargártela en mp3, convertida desde vinilo (con ruido de fondo).

La verdad es que llegué a esta canción gracias a la versión del grupo navarro Tremenda Trementina, altamente recomendable, como todo su disco.